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STEP UP Final Newsletter

Our final STEP UP Newsletter has just gone out to our subscribers.  The newsletter has information updating you on each city's progress, SEAP and recent events and achievements. Click here to view our newsletter.

Celsius Smart Cities Workshop- 16th September 2015

This interactive workshop will bring together excellence from several advanced European Smart Cities projects that will put forward their expertise and their project results on integrated planning, energy efficiency and district energy solutions, among others.

MSc Global Sustainable Cities Brochure

The Institute for Future Cities (IFC) has published a new brochure for the MSc Global Sustainable Cities.
As part of the STEP UP project, partner cities have identified lighthouse initiatives from current projects within their cities (see here for more details) and have also been identifying innovative pipeline projects to take forward for further development in the city over the remainder of the STEP UP project and beyond. 

In the context of the STEP UP project, three criteria were established which a project had to meet in order to qualify as an innovative pipeline project.
  1. Takes an integrated approach
  2. Contributes to the city’s SEAP
  3. Contributes to EU2020 targets
An inventory of pipelines projects was created by cities. These projects were then evaluated using an analytical framework designed by STEP UP. Through a questionnaire and scoring system based on key features of innovative projects, each project achieved a score which helped the cities to select two innovative projects with the best potential for further development through STEP UP. The scoring criteria used could also serve as a checklist for cities to understand critical factors to consider in order for innovative projects to be more successful in fulfilling their objectives.

Ghent, Glasgow, Gothenburg and Riga have each selected two innovative pipeline projects to take forward for further development in their cities through STEP UP, as shown below.

Pipeline Project

To read more about the approach, and the pipeline projects selected by cities, download the STEP UP summary report here.

If you have any further enquiries about this work, please contact info@stepupsmartcities.eu 

For advice and recommendations on developing sustainable energy projects,please see the STEP UP guide here.


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