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    STEP UP Final Newsletter

    Our final STEP UP Newsletter has just gone out to our subscribers.  The newsletter has information updating you on each city's progress, SEAP and recent events and achievements. Click here to view our newsletter.

    Celsius Smart Cities Workshop- 16th September 2015

    This interactive workshop will bring together excellence from several advanced European Smart Cities projects that will put forward their expertise and their project results on integrated planning, energy efficiency and district energy solutions, among others.

    MSc Global Sustainable Cities Brochure

    The Institute for Future Cities (IFC) has published a new brochure for the MSc Global Sustainable Cities.

    MSc Global Sustainable Cities Programme

    In our new video Course Director Richard Bellingham introduces the MSc Global Sustainable Cities programme, outlining what makes it innovative and unique.

    STEP UP Riga Conference November 2014

    This is the live stream of the Riga Conference 19 - 21 November 2014. The conference focused on discussion of enhancing cities SEAP's and implementing innovative projects.

    Ghent 2050 - Climate Neutral City

    This animation shows how Ghent could look as a climate neutral city, which is its target by 2050. It shows what features will be in place in climate neutral neighbourhoods and how citizens are engaged. The animation was produced by Geertjan Tillmans for Stad Gent and translated into English by Stad Gent.

    Glasgow's Green Year 2015

    Glasgow has strong ambitions for a Greener future as a European leader of environmental, social and economic sustainability. The city is striving to cut CO2 emissions and become one of Europe's greenest cities within the next twenty years. As part of this vision Glasgow bid for European Green Capital 2015 and was a finalist with three other cities (Bristol, Ljubliana and Brussels). The title was awarded to Bristol however Glasgow received positive feedback including "the city's demonstration of its willingness to progress and great potential as a role model for Europe."

    Building on Glasgow's commitment to transformation to a smart, sustainable city, Glasgow will host a 'Green Year' in 2015 to showcase the city's green projects and enhance its green profile to local people, businesses, visitors and other European cities. Learn more in the video clip below.

    Ghent Win Eurocites Award

    Initiatives like the Ghent Climate Alliance highlight the work cities are undertaking on several energy and sustainability themes. Ghent is mobilising its citizens, policy makers and businesses to work together to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Through Ghent Climate Alliance, a platform for activities, debates, ideas and solutions, the city hopes to strengthen cooperation between all sectors of society. On the basis that climate change affects all of us, and everyone is a stakeholder, the city is getting people involved through two parallel processes: ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’. The former concerns the debates happening between different stakeholders to develop policy solutions to climate challenges, while the latter includes participatory and co-creative actions which help lead the ‘transition’ to climate neutrality and lessen dependence on fossil fuels.

    Ghent urge stakeholders to participate with the message - "This is an opportunity to meet some of these ‘thinkers’ and ‘doers’. Get inspired by their enthusiasm, learn from their ideas and share your thoughts on themes from food and urban farming, innovative energy planning and sustainability in education and culture."

    Riga Energy Agency - Chimney Gives Way to the Heat Pump

    A Kindergarten in Riga benefits from the transition from a traditional coal boiler heating system to a cleaner and more stable heat pump, with excellent results. Not only is the heating more stable, there is no pollution from coal. After extensive refurbishment and retrofitting, the building has minimal heat losses and the heat pump is over four times more energy efficient than the old coal boiler house. The result is a cleaner and happier environment for the children and staff.

    Ghent - Creating a City

    View Ghent's stunning city planning video.

    Glasgow's 'Stalled Spaces' Initiative

    Glasgow City Council has taken an innovative approach to the issue of vacant land and one which it believes brings benefits not only to local people and neighbourhoods but developers and land owners as well.

    Communities across Glasgow are benefitting from a small grants programme to help them temporarily take on and breathe new life into sites which are currently stalled or unused.

    In partnership with Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) the Council has support available, up to the value of £2500, for community groups as part of the Community Support for Stalled Spaces Initiative.

    Over 40 projects have been assisted across the City so far including pop up play space; art; growing space, bee hive & exercise projects. This amounts to 13 hectares brought back into temporary use, the equivalent of 17 full size football pitches.

    Find out more on Stalled spaces here


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