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Work Package 4 - Lead - Ghent




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STEP UP Final Newsletter

Our final STEP UP Newsletter has just gone out to our subscribers.  The newsletter has information updating you on each city's progress, SEAP and recent events and achievements. Click here to view our newsletter.

Celsius Smart Cities Workshop- 16th September 2015

This interactive workshop will bring together excellence from several advanced European Smart Cities projects that will put forward their expertise and their project results on integrated planning, energy efficiency and district energy solutions, among others.

MSc Global Sustainable Cities Brochure

The Institute for Future Cities (IFC) has published a new brochure for the MSc Global Sustainable Cities.

WP4 - Learning Network of Cities

Objectives :

Establish a network of learning cities which are actively engaged in the project and thus enlarge replication of the STEP-UP results. The purpose of this network is to:

  •  Capture expertise and best practice solutions
  •  Improve models, dissemination, etc. through fast feedback
  •  Test if our approaches work in different situations
  •  Improve expertise in the cities of the learning network by sharing knowledge
  •  Promote fast replication of the developed models and practices.

Description of Work and Role of Partners -

This work package is building a network of cities who commit themselves to participation in STEP-UP and its approach to developing SEAPs and innovative projects.

There are two levels of engagement in the learning network depending on the ambition of the cities and the amount of resources they are prepared to commit themselves:

  • Companion cities – receive one-to-one coaching on tailored topics from STEP-UP partners
  • Open learning network – attend workshops, events,training sessions etc.

Some cities are investigating the feasibility of implementing the STEP-UP models and frameworks in order to produce enhanced energy action plans, and the STEP-UP methods in the planning process of innovative projects. These cities are receiving extensive support from one of the STEP-UP partners. Throughout the project, STEP-UP partners are continuing to encourage other cities to join the open part of the learning network.

Key Outputs:

Learning Network Workshops – Workshops have been held for the learning network in Gothenburg, Ghent, Riga and Glasgow during the STEP UP project, providing opportunities for cities to learn from each other and discuss challenges and ideas.

Work with Companion Cities – Each STEP UP city has engaged closely with its Companion Cities, providing tailored coaching sessions relevant to their current state of sustainable city planning, needs and ambitions. 

Contact - Dieter Cuypers - VITO




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